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Akiak, Alaska (AKI) 

Akiak, Alaska, is in Bethel county and has a population of 309. It is located about 378,7 miles from Anchorage and 1,783 miles from Seattle. The name comes from the Eskimo term Ackiagmute for "crossing over" or "the other side", because the Eskimos used the Yukon River basin crossing during the winter. The city is located on the west bank of the Kuskokwim River.

 The City, schools and other public services provide occupation for the majority of the residents in Akiak. Seasonal income is also coming from commercial fishing (26 residents hold permits for it) or BLM fire-fighting. The community is developing fish processing plant and inbound tourism.

 Chartered and private air access is provided year-round by a State-owned airstrip. ATVs, skiffs and snow machines are used for local transportation to the nearby cities. There are no docking facilities.

 The summer temperatures vary from 62 to 42°F and winter temperatures - between 19 and 2°F.

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