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Antalya – a gift for Cleopatra  

What do we know about the life on the Orient?! From the stories of 1001 nights we imagine a magic country with magnificent gardens, singing fountains, everything covered with gold and diamonds. A different, our of reach world.

The contemporary Turkey is totally different. The salesmen offer gold and diamonds to you. The natives are non-stop inviting, offering, anticipating your desires, forecasting the intentions. The light blue water of the Bay of Antalya is surrounded by the great mountain chain Taurus. On average 300 days in the year are sunny. You can go skiing in the morning and go to swim in the sea in the afternoon even during March and April. The water temperature doesn’t go under 17oC in winter. The transparent waves, sandy beaches long almost 200km and the romantic rocky bays are promising rest and a wonderful skin complexion. For water sports lovers Antalya is just heaven.

The coasts of Mala Asia are saving the traces of the past ages - ruins of antique cities, Greek, Roman and Byzantine cultural monuments. This wealthy land was Egyptian – Marcus Aurelius has made a gift to his lover – Cleopatra. In the past several years more and more young couples choose Antalya for their honeymoon destination.

The roads are great – which Turkish doesn’t like the fast trip? The people in Turkey live in a different way. In towns they are building small white houses near the rocks. The expectations are that after 10-15 years the Mediterranean region will welcome 30 millions tourists annually, while at the moment they are about 8 millions. Everywhere is surprisingly clean – there are trash bins on every step.

Antalya was and will be one of the most affordable resorts. You can count on unbelievable comfort not only in the famous hotels, part of well-known international chains, but also in the small hotels and hostels. The main requirement is the availability of air conditioner. When you choose a place for your future stay, even from the seacoast you can determine the star category of the hotel. As the natives like to say – if the ringing of the cell phones on the beach is stronger than the song of the crickets, the hotel is high-class one; if they are equal in sound – the hotel is maximum four stars and so on. The customer service is on very high level everywhere and you won’t need to wait for attention.

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