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Antalya - A Gift for Cleopatra

Who hasn’t visited Pamukkale (Cotton Palace) hasn’t seen Turkey at all. The ancient Hierapolis, built near a warm mineral source 190 years before Christ, is famous with the biggest saved till today necropolis in Antalya. The rich in calcium water have made small basins in the stones. They are shining with a fantastic white color. There are a lot of hotels around with their own pools – the water heals skin and heart diseases. But you should not think that just the health care is attracting so many tourists. The spring is called Cleopatra, who was taking a bath here and kept her beauty till the end of her life. Another version states that the lovely queen had given her secrets to the spring. As a result you can see many women in the water, hoping to become younger with ten years. Every tour program in Turkey includes shopping - gold, clothes, carpets, jewelry. Men have no choice, but to fulfill all desires of their Cleopatras.

Everybody think that Olymp is in Greece, but apparently there are about 20 mountain picks with this name in Antalya. Unfortunately, all of the almost destroyed temples of ancient gods in the surrounding mountains are not accessible for tourists, because there are no roads built.

Antalya offers a lot of entertainment as well. Part of it can be found in the hotels and then the quality is directly related to the service level of the hotel - discos, show programs, fireworks and Turkish baths, national dinners (the real Turkish dance kyuchek is included) and many others. The travel agencies and tour operators offer yachting, jeep safari, fishing, diving, one-day trip to the Greek island Rhodes and visit to the magnificent waterfalls Duden and Kursunlu.


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