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Alakanuk, Alaska (AUK) 

Alakanuk is located in the western part of Alaska at the east entrance of a waterway between channels at the mouth of the Yukon River, called Alakanuk Pass. The city is located in Wade Hampton Census Area, Alaska. Alakanuk is an Yup'ik word, which means "wrong way", because of its village maze of watercourses. Alakanuk is inhabited by Central Yup'ik Eskimo villagers. Its people originated from the Black River and moved to the present village site in 1899. The population in 2003 is 678.

 2,200' gravel airstrip is available in Alakanuk and it's State-owned. The village is easily accessible from the Bering Sea and Yukon River by riverboat and barge. Most passengers and mail arrive by air. For local travel boats and snow machines are used.

 The seasonal employment in Alakanuk is very high during summer. Food sources are mainly salmon, seal, beluga whale, moose and rabbit. Many residents travel to Emmonak to shop and attend basketball tournaments and social events.

 The average temperatures vary between -25 and 79°F. During freeze-up (from November through May) the river is used as an ice road. The electricity in Alakanuk is provided by AVEC and there is one school, attended by 192 students.

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