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Best time to travel

Believe it or not, there are really few, if any at all, low prices over any major holiday. Airlines, hotel companies and cruise lines know that there will be more people traveling around Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas. So they increase their rates in order to get more profit. Even if you make your reservations several months in advance, the prices will still be higher than during off-season times of the year. At least the inventory will be available.

The weather plays a major role in the tourism industry. The prices are high when availability is low and the occupancy rate is high - this is valid for airlines, cruises companies and resorts.

Having this in mind, 89% of online surfers are planning to take a leisure vacation this summer and 38% of them planning more than three trips. Most of them haven't booked their travel yet and are waiting for inspiration and/or the best deal. Travel trends show big interest in travel abroad. About 17% of the online visitors will visit the mountains, while 38% prefer to go to the beach.


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