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Cuba - "the most beautiful land a human eye has ever seen"

Havana - cosmopolitan, cheerful and careless...

"This is the most beautiful land that a human eye has even seen" exclaimed Hristophor Columb on 27th October 1492, when he saw Cuba for first time. This long and narrow island, the biggest from the Antilles, looks like cayman with its shape. It's located on 105,000 square meters of the Cuban archipelago. Millions of visitors from all over the world are coming here because of the over 290 naturally created paradise beaches, like especially made to enjoy the eye and fully safe for bath. They look like long and wide belts of fine white and black sand, which isn't heated even by the strongest sun.

There is a large coral area over 10 km long and 10 to 30 meters deep, where visitors feel like they are in a big aquarium and the average water temperature during the whole year is 24oC. The warm and transparent sea is in blue and light green shades, and the water visibility is up to 30 meters in depth. The high tides are small and there are no strong streams, and the coral barriers of most of the beaches protect them from the big waves.

If we add to all of these the amazing flora and fauna on the island and in the sea where the beauty and variety are mixed together, there is no way to resist on the temptation to visit Cuba.

The capital Havana is one of the most interesting Caribbean cities, whose cultural and historic heritage is with many centuries history. Cosmopolitan, cheerful, careless, Havana combines in a great way the modern times with the past. If you have decided to visit the city, you have to go to the famous cabaret Tropicana (Paradise under the stars). It's located in a fine park under the open sky and is the biggest and most beautiful cabaret not just in Cuba, but in whole Latin America. Don't miss to visit at least one jazz club on the island, like La Sora i el Cuervo, Jazz Kafe, Johny's Dream and many others.

Besides the music, entertainment and the night festive atmospheric, you can enjoy the performances of the classic ballet, symphonic music and theater. Don't miss to try some of the world-famous Cuban cigars.

Those of you who have been in Cuba will tell with full confidence that it will stay in your memories for ever.

In order to sleep well during your vacation the best option is to book your vacation with a travel agency which will organize it instead of you - airline tickets, hotels, excursions. The hotel rates in Havana for a double room per night are about:
Hotel with 2 stars: 10-20 EUR per night per person
Hotel with 3 stars: 20-30 EUR per night per person
Hotel with 4 stars: 30-40 EUR per night per person
Hotel with 5 stars: 40-70 EUR per night per person


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