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  What is an e-ticket?
  How do I travel with an e-ticket?
  When my reservation is confirmed?


What is an e-ticket?
The electronic ticket (e-ticket) is a "paperless" ticket which is processed electronically; often through an Internet purchase. It is now offered by many major airlines and allows you to travel without the worry of forgetting or leaving your ticket behind. E-tickets are more flexible, secure and easy to use. Your booking and ticket details are kept securely in the airline’s computer system. When you buy e-tickets, you’ll receive a confirmation email of your purchase. TravelStoreMaker.com offers e-tickets when they are available. We usually won't be able to determine whether e-tickets are available on flights until you make specific flight selections.

How do I travel with an e-ticket?
When you check in for your flight, give the ticket agent your name, flight number, a government-issued photo ID, and a paper copy of your itinerary or purchase receipt. Some airlines also require that you show the credit card used to purchase your ticket.
This information is required in order to enter the secured area beyond the security screening checkpoint.
We also recommend that you check your itinerary online within 24 hours of your scheduled departure to ensure that the information that is displayed on your printed documents has not changed.

When my reservation is confirmed?
The automatic confirmation e-mail you receive when you purchase your e-ticket includes your reservation confirmation number. When the tickets are issued you’ll receive an additional email with your ticket numbers.
You need to arrive at the airport at least 2 hours before your flight's departure and check in promptly in order to be sure you have a seat assignment. Whether you use a paper ticket or an e-ticket, early check-in is necessary. We strongly recommend that you print out your flight confirmation email and take it to the airport with you.



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