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Malta - A Land of Secrets (Part 3)

No shopping - Go yachting! Malta is a perfect place for yachting. There are many safe bays and during the summer the wind is favorable. You can rent a yacht with three cabins, kitchen and a shower, with engine or sails for day or two or for a trip to the closest Italian islands. During the active season the price for a yacht with length 11m starts from 140 Maltese Liras per day. $1 is approximately 2,7 Maltese Liras, so it's about $27 per person, which is close to the hotel's one night stay rate. Before you sail it's mandatory to sign a charter contract, that includes insurance of charter risks. If you are included in the crew's list, you don't need any visa. During the trip you can start learning English.

Don't be lazy, but study! Malta is famous with its educational opportunities. Except for public and free of charge church schools, there are several private schools, schools of different foundations and two international schools - of the European Community (European Community School) and the American Verdala (Verdala International School). It's known that the last two are famous with their very high quality of education, but they are the most expensive ones - about 2,000 Liras per year. If you have graduated from your high school education and want to continue, you can again go to Malta. The Maltese University is one of the oldest universities in Europe. If the foreign students have problems with English they go to the preparation faculty. The price for foreigners is about 700 Liras per year. There are plenty of language schools in Malta as well. You can choose among several educational systems, it's possible either a hotel stay or a stay with a Maltese family. The advantage of the Maltese education is that you combine beneficial with enjoyable stay - education and vacation - water and sunny baths, different trips and a lot of new contacts and interesting experiences. The education is 20-30% cheaper than the same in the UK and you get a visa much easier. One of the best language schools in Malta is located in the city Slima and it's called Inlinqua. The teachers are English and Maltese.


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