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Malta - A Land of Secrets

A collection of different stories. It's not very easy to find Malta on the map - a little dot in the center of Mediterranean sea, south from the Italian island Sicily. Maybe this is the reason why seamen who loved secret places called the island "Malet" - it means a refuge. But they destroyed the forests. In Malta there are no forests, no rivers, no mountains, but to Malta are related many interesting stories. In general, the words "Malta" and "history" are almost synonyms by their meanings. At the bottom of St. Paul Bay is still lying the ship of St. Paul who was traveling to Rome. Odysseus stayed seven years on the island Gozo with the nymph Calipso. Admiral Nelson came here to meet one of the most beautiful women of his time - lady Hamilton.

It's all about the climate. Somebody will say that it's all about the incredible climate of Malta - during the summer the breeze is stopping the unbearable heat and in February, the coldest month, the water and air temperature is not falling under 15°C. The fans of traditional vacation will be lovely surprised by the crystal clean water around the coasts and the safe conditions for swimming - there are no tides and waves here. From May to October the average water temperature is 22,8°C. Unfortunately there are no many sandy beaches. The biggest ones - Mellieha and Golden Bay - are situated in the western part of the island. The most beautiful beach is located on the Gozo island. This is the exact place where Odysseus was thrown after the shipwreck. Those, who love the loneliness, will like for sure the sandy beaches of the Blue lagoon on Comino island - it's almost uninhabited, but perfectly equipped for holiday. The incredible water transparency makes all islands very attractive for diving. A big number of diving schools offer diving equipment as well. Their addresses and phone numbers can be found at the Convention and visitors bureau in Malta, 280 Republic Street, Valletta. So, there are no problems with sun and sea and all other standard entertainments during the holiday season. The only problem is to find time for them! Malta's history is more entertaining than a crime and you will meet it everywhere.

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