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Search for Flights

Types of trips
The booking engine offers you several search options:
Roundtrip - You will fly from one city to another, and then back to the first city. Roundtrip flights may include charter fares.
One way - You will fly from one city to another, and will not return to the first city. One-way flights may include charter fares.
Multiple destinations - You will visit several cities and therefore need to choose flights between each of those cities. You cannot book charter fares on multiple-destination tickets.

Types of travelers
Please enter the number of travelers in each age category. The maximum number of passengers per reservation is nine. If you want to make reservations for a party of 10 or more passengers, please use the Group Travel page. Age categories are as follows:
Seniors are ages 65 and over.
Adults are ages 12 through 64.
Youths are ages 12 through 25.
Children are ages 2 through 11 according to most airlines.
Infants are under age 2. If you are traveling with an infant, select one of the seating options:
With a reserved seat - Choose this option if you wish to book a separate seat for the infant. You will be required to supply an infant car seat to ensure the infant's safety. Special infant fares may be applicable for infants.
Without a reserved seat - Choose this option if one of the adults in your party will hold the infant throughout the flight.

Infant, child and senior discounts
Many airlines offer discounted fares for infants, children, and seniors. Discounts vary by airline, flight, and seat availability. They also vary by travelers' ages.

Unaccompanied minors
You should call the airline to discuss its policies and services in order to ensure a safe and comfortable trip for unaccompanied minors.
Here are some rules about unaccompanied minors:
Please be sure to check with your airline for specific policies and fees.
Minors who are old enough (approximately ages 5-17) can usually fly on nonstop, direct, or connecting flights, but usually are not accepted on the last connecting flight of the day. The age depends on the airline's policies, so please check with the airline.
Many airlines offer unaccompanied minor service. They provide or require supervision service for minors from the time of boarding until the time the minor is met at the final destination. Minors must be approved by the airline for this service.
Younger children (typically under the age of 5) are often not eligible for unaccompanied minor service and must be accompanied on the same flight and in the same compartment by an older passenger (typically 15 years or older).
Unaccompanied minor service is often mandatory for children ages 5-14, but optional for teenagers (ages 15-17). Age requirements depend on which airline they fly.
A fee is usually charged at check-in for unaccompanied minor service. You should pay $30 or more each way.
With unaccompanied minor service, the airline will usually want to know who is meeting the minor at the destination. Proof of identification for the receiving adult is required.
Reservations usually need to be confirmed for all segments of the minor's flight. Standby reservations are not allowed on any leg of the trip.
Again, please call the airline prior to purchasing tickets and inquire about unaccompanied minors.

Choosing a ticket class
Many flights offer economy, business, and first class seating:
Economy class seating is in the main cabin area. This option usually yields the lowest airfare.
Business class seating is in an intermediate area between first class and economy. This option usually yields a more expensive fare than Economy not available on all aircraft.
First class seating is in the cabin area nearest the front of the aircraft or on a separate level. It has the fewest and most comfortable seats, and offers upgraded meals. A first class fare is usually the most expensive, and is not available on all aircraft.

Choosing search options
Selecting one of those options may reduce the number of lower-fare flights displayed.
Nonstop flights only – Sometimes time is more critical than price that is why you may use the option to request direct flights only (flights that do not stop or change planes at one or more airports before you reach your final destination).
Airline selector – You can select up to three airlines, or use the default Any/All carriers.



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