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Tenerife - the island of the eternal spring

The biggest island of the Canary Islands offers rich variety of beaches and natural sightseeings. The island of the eternal spring - that's how the biggest and most famous of the Canary Islands is known - Tenerife.

The island offers a remarkable variety of views and that's why it's the most preferred among the tourists. On the island is located the mountain with the majestic volcano Canadas del Teide (with diameter 20km) and the peak Teide in the center, which is 3718 meters high. On Tenerife there is plenty of fertile valleys, where bananas and tomatoes are cultivated.

The beaches of Tenerife

The sea shore offers great and beautiful wild beaches, covered with nice sand.

Playa de las Americas is situated in the southeast part of the island and it combines majestic beaches and modern built touristic infrastructure with bars, restaurants and hotels.

Playa de los Cristianos is the beach with golden sand and crystal water and it's located near to a fishing village. This is one of the most favourite wild beaches of tourists.

Playa de las Galletas is located in the southern part of the island. It's a private beach to the hotel "Punto de Rasca" from which you can see the most beautiful view to Tenerife.

Playa de El Puertito is a 1,6 km-long beach, fully-covered with black sand and it's close to the village Guimar.

Playa de las Caletillas is another tourism village with three lovely small bays.

The national park "El Teide"

This park offers a spectacular landscape, created by the unaffected forces of nature and the volcano Teide. Cristofor Columb observed its last grand eruption in 1492 from the near island Gomera just before he continued his trip to America. In 1798 there was just one small eruption.

If you go to Tenerife you can go with chair lift at 3,600 meters high on the volcano and continue from there to its very top. And from the top is revealed the most beautiful view to the islands and to the crater itself, whose outskirts are 80km.

You will have the opportunity to go into the volcano - first with a jeep and then by walking, while you get to still active volcanic fragments. There are few smaller volcanos around Teide.

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