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Thailand inspires with its temples and fantastic nature

The choice there is incredibly rich, beginning with the mountain Mae Hong Son and the green islands of Andaman Sea to the crazy dances in Bangkok discos and the quiet villages located on the Mekong river.

Thailand attracts the biggest part of the travellers, that have decided to spend their vacations in Southeast Asia. The fantastic combination of ancient kingdoms' ruins and the real beauty of the nature, the inspiring temples, well-known hospitality and excellent food - all these are the reason why people go there.

Brief facts about Thailand:
Area: 517,000 square meters
Population: 62 millions, 75% Thais, 11% Chinese, 3,5% Malaysians, 10,5% others.
Capital: Bangkok
Language: Thai
Religion: 95% Buddhism, 4% Muslim, 1% other.
Government: Constitutional monarchy

What to visit in Thailand?

The Historical Park "Ayuthaya"
The park is protected by the UNESCO program "Heritage of the world". The historical temples Ayuthaya are scattered all around this ancient and majestic city, surrounded by rivers. If you wish to succeed to visit bigger part of the city in one day, you should hire a bike and then a scooter, so you will be able to enjoy the ruins, surrounded by water.

Chiang Mai
Chiang Mai is a city, located on the slopes of the mountain with the same name. It's famous with its ancient temples (over 300) and the mysterious atmospheric inside. The new part of the city is really modern and friendly to visitors.

Ko Samui
This beautiful island is almost fully taken by coconut plantations and its shores are surrounded by beaches with palms. Long time ago the island was wild and deserted, but today it has became big touristic center. Around the beaches are situated simple straw bungalows, but if you want to make a booking, you better try months in advance.

Nakhon Pathom
60km west from Bangkok is located the oldest town in Thailand and proud owner of the 127-meters statue of the pharaon Pathom Chedi. This is the talest Buddhist statue in the world. At the moment it's under a glass dome.

The emerald of the tourism industry, the most visited island. If you are looking for a place, where you can spend your money, Phuket is just for you.

Hotel room rates in Bangkok and Phuket:
In order to be peaceful during your vacation, it's best to contact our travel agency, which will organise everything for you - air tickets, hotels, excursions. Please remember, that the top season for Thailand is from October to March. The hotel rates for double room for a 10-days stay are about:
Hotel 3 stars: 250-350 Euro per person
Hotel 4 stars: 350-450 Euro per person
Hotel 5 stars: over 500 Euro per person
The air tickets prices depend on your departure city.

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