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The Elephant's Embrace of Thailand

The mental food, as any other food, has to be tasted personally. No matter how many stories you have heard about this beautiful country, where people are always smiling and friendly, and no matter how many photos of temples and Buddha you have seen, you won't feel the most important thing - the taste of the unusual and spicy adventure. Watch and listen - we are talking about Thailand - an exotic country, striking with its diversity. Its boundaries are reminding of an elephant's head. The capital of Thailand is Bangkok. It's called the East Venice, but not everyone understands the reason. The city is located at the outflow of the high-water river Menam (Chao Phraya) and it's divided by hundreds of radial and concentric channels. And while nowadays in Venice the gondolas are a tourist attraction, the boats in Bangkok are part of peoples' life. Even from the first hours, spent in Thailand, the tourist notices the uncountable ghost's houses. They are part of the traditional beliefs of the people here. The small house is built for the grand-parents, who had lived on the same place. Every day the Thais are bringing fresh food and smelling aromatic sticks in front of the houses.

The capital of Thailand is young and many-sided. Tourists are walking around in the King's palace with the Temple of the emerald Buddha (green in fact), the Temple of the dawn, the Sleeping Buddha, the Golden temple; businessmen are visiting the centers for wholesale and retail trade, where you can buy everything - from electronics to local souvenirs. In the Temple of the lying Buddha tourists are taking small bowls with 25 Satangs coins and throw them one by one in 108 (the sacred number for all Buddhists) metal pots. According to the legend, if the coins are enough for all pots a happy event will happen soon. In nights the life in Bangkok doesn't stop - everybody is moving, walking around, dancing, tasting incredible dishes in the many small restaurants, something is sold, something is bought...

It's never cold in Thailand...


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