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A research reveals that 30 percent of all Germans will use Internet in order to book their vacations. There is an increase of 27 percent from 2004. Internet booking is about to become the leading distribution channel for cheap airline tickets and vacation packages to any travel destination, replacing the usual trip to the travel agency, the brochures and the time spent.

Tourism experts predict that Internet reservations will make up 50 percent of all holiday bookings within the next six to eight years. Recent figures from the United States are confirming this trend - 65 percent of all flight tickets are booked on the web, 20 percent are made by call centers and only 15 percent by traditional travel agencies.

Word-of-mouth travel information like experiences shared with family and friends will play a great role in future trip planning. However, Internet cannot offer human contact and many people are willing to go to a travel agency and book there.

Another serious problem in front of travel agencies is the airline commissions cutting. The money lost has to be recouped from customers through service fees, leading to higher total prices and turning customers to the web, where they can find cheaper travel bargains.

About 67 percent of the Germans prefer package tours. They believe they are saving money with all-inclusive deal. Visit our online travel agency to book your vacation now!


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